starting again on 7th, 9th and 10th May 2018

We value reading and learning from the Bible since it is the foundation of our faith. Its teaching never goes out of date because God and people have not changed. In the Old Testament we read of how God made the world and tried to establish a relationship with us, which we kept breaking until we were almost completely out of touch with him. The prophets looked forward to a time when God would do something new to bring us back to God. This special agent or Messiah would be identified with God Himself.

In the New Testament we read of the coming to earth of this rescuer, Jesus. We read of his life, his teachings and miracles, his death and resurrection, God who became a man. We read then of what his disciples did in spreading the message about Jesus as rescuer. Paul and others write letters to encourage the early Christians in their relationships with the risen Jesus and with one another.

Our home groups last an hour and include prayers at the end. Sometimes the sessions are grouped by theme and sometimes we study a book. The emphasis is not on academic study but on finding out what the Bible is saying to us about how we should run our personal and church lives.

House Groups begin again the week beginning Monday 7th May with a series on the rise and fall of King David, (2 Samuel) giving lessons for us in particular from where he went wrong towards the end of his life

House groups resume at the usual venues. Our subject, in line wih our sermons, will be God’s Good News ie what we and others need to know and share.

Mondays 10am at 10 Trythogga Rd, Gulval

Wednesdays at 7 Reens Rd, Heamoor

Thursdays 2pm vicarage

Join in any time. It’s free, of course