October  Services

Oct 1st   Trinity 16

8.00am HC  Madron

9.30am FS Health care workers Heamoor

11.00am FS  Health care workers Madron

11.00am HC Gulval

4.00pm EP Gulval

6.00pm EP Madron


Oct 8th    Trinity 17

8.00am  HC Gulval

9.30am HC Heamoor

11.00am FS Heath care workers Gulval

11.00am HC Madron

6.00pm   EP Madron


Oct 15th    Trinity 18

8.00am HC Madron

9.30am HC Heamoor

11.00am HS  Gulval

11.00am  HC Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron


Oct 22nd    Trinity 19   

8.00am HC Gulval

9.30am HC Heamoor

11.00am Mattins  Gulval

11.00am  Trafalgar  Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron


Oct 29th    Bible Sunday   

8.00am HC Madron

9.30am FC Heamoor

11.00am FC  Gulval

11.00am  Mattins Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron

Anglican /Methodist Prayer meeting

The next meeting to pray for our six area churches, Anglican and Methodist, will be at Gulval Parish Church on Saturday 6th October from 9.30am to 10am.

Special events in October

Sunday 1st 9.30am at Heamoor and 11.00am at Madron – a service to pray for all who work in the Health Service (St Luke’s Day – patron saint of doctors – is this month)

Fri 6th 7.0pm – Quiz at Landithy Hall. £1 entry. Teams of four max. Come on your own or as a team

Sunday 8th 11.0am at Gulval – Health Service service

Wed 25th 7.30pm – Pipers Choir in concert at Gulval Parish Church

Sat 28th 10.30am Coffee Morning at St Thomas

Prayer Meetings

Tuesday Oct 3rd –  7 – 7.30pm  St Thomas

Tuesday Oct 10th – 7 – 7.30pm   St Thomas

Tuesday Oct 17th –  7 – 7.30pm  St Thomas

Tuesday Oct 24th – 7 – 7.30pm St Thomas

Tuesday Oct 31st – 7 – 7.30pm St Thomas

Midweek Holy Communion

Wednesdays 10.30am Gulval

Wednesday 10.30am Madron Chapel

(1st Wed of month)

Thursdays 10.0am St Thomas



Kenneth BERRYMAN   August 29th   Madron

Kenneth’s life took him from Bosoljack to Boscrowan, and apart from a stretch in childhood at Brea, he spent most of his life in Madron parish. A traditional farmer, a freemason (latterly), a well-known figure at agricultural shows and expert in cattle breeding, but also someone with a great sense of family. For a while he wound the church tower clock at Madron. His wife Betty sang in Madron church choir and the gate on the lych gate was given in her memory. They did much together in their many years of marriage, which ended with her death in 1994. A quiet man, a man of few words but much laughter at times, Kenneth enjoyed good health up to a fortnight before he died. His funeral was a packed affair with many from the local farming community paying their respects. The church was beautifully decorated, and with a sheaf of corn in a milk church in the south porch, it felt like a harvest thanksgiving as well as a thanksgiving for a life.

 Vicar’s letter

I enjoy walking old railway tracks and did a stretch of the old Carmarthen to Aberystwyth line on our summer holiday, one I hadn’t done before. The scenery was very nice but there was no trace of any of the stations or the usual railway paraphernalia e.g. signal posts, telegraph poles or mileage posts. Actually it is quite depressing where you do get recreated station halts because you know there’s never going to be a train passing through, and you wonder what the point was of restoring it. What does it say except that there used to be a railway there. At least there is currently a study in progress to restore the Welsh railway I walked on; I was anticipating what the views from the window would look like.

It will soon be time to celebrate Trafalgar at Madron again. It will attract large crowds to church , we hope, but why do we do it if it’s only because that’s what we do. Many of the young sea cadets will have heard of Nelson as a figure from history, but will they know why we think of him ? What does he mean now ?

A headline I saw in a news periodical recently suggested we ought to re-examine our attitude to Nelson. The article said he was a white supremacist who vigorously defended the institution of slavery. Perhaps Nelson’s column will be as under threat as the statues of many re-examined heroes across the world.

I think we have to be careful to view past events from a modern perspective. People in the future will be scandalised at some of the things we do or put up with, such as our treatment of the elderly, our slowness to act to do something about global warming or our ability to buy cheap imported clothes with no questions asked about the pay and conditions of those who made them.

Yes, Nelson and co had blind spots , as we do, and he had a well-documented irregular love life; there were two women in his life. But as with Churchill, who might have been branded a failure were it not for the second war years, we judge Nelson on what he did do, despite his weaknesses.

The current age hates hypocrisy. Everything is, as it were, out in the open. Good. Honesty is a virtue we would want our children to grow up with. Humanity is something to be celebrated when it is seen, accurately, as strength and weakness together, success and failure. That is something anyone can live up to. That is how the Bible views humanity and there humanity is at its best when it knows itself and knows its dependence on God for forgiveness or rescue. The prayers made and actions taken in Nelson’s time brought national salvation. We ought today to re-examine our assumed arrogance, that once again we might know ourselves ad know our dependence on God in our day.


House groups begin again the week beginning Monday October 2nd.

This time we are looking at passages from Luke’s Gospel which show us how as different people we can use what we have to serve Jesus and other people in the Kingdom of God. Anyone can join in a group. Here are the times, days and venues:

Mondays 10am  10 Trythogga Road, Gulval

Thursdays 2pm at Madron vicarage

Thursdays 7pm at 7 Reens Road, Heamoor



We have had complaints about plants, vases, fences etc encroaching on neighbouring tablets, so please be aware of the following.

Plots are yours on a 99 year lease

Plots include the dimensions of the tablet only

Flower vases should be set into the tablet or placed on top

Fences and plats outside that tablet are not on your ground

Ease of grass cutting demands the ground stay flat and unplanted between tablets

Mowers or strimmers may damage what you put in unauthorised areas

Tree or shrub planting in memory of someone may be occasionally considered by the Church Council for the vacant area on the other side of the path to the lytch gate