December  Services

Dec 3rd  Advent 1/Madron Feast

8.00am HC  Madron

9.30am Songs of Praise Heamoor

11.00am Utd Feast Service Madron

11.00am HC Gulval

4.00pm EP Gulval

6.00pm Utd Feast Service  Madron chapel


Dec 10th    Advent 2

8.00am  HC Gulval

9.30am HC Heamoor

11.00am Songs of Praise  Gulval

11.00am HC  Madron

6.00pm   EP Madron


Dec 16th 4.00pm  Christingle  Gulval


Dec 17th    Advent 3

8.00am HC Madron

9.30am HC Heamoor

10.00am FS  Heamoor

11.00am HS  Gulval

11.00am  Songs of Praise Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron

6.00pm Gulval Carol Service


Dec 20th

1.30pm School Christingle  Madron

6.30pm  Madron Village Carol Service



Dec 21st

6.00pm   St Thomas 125th Anniversary Carol Service


Dec 24th   Advent 4/Christmas Eve

10.30am Utd HC  Heamoor

4.00pm Christingle  Heamoor

11.00pm Christmas Communion Heamoor

11.45pm Midnight Communion Madron

11.45pm Midnight Communion  Heamoor


Dec 25th  Christmas Day

8.00am HC  Gulval

8.00am  HC  Madron

10.30am  FS  Madron

Followed by short optional communion (c11.10am)

10.30am  FS Gulval

Followd by short optional communion (c11.10am)


Dec 31st    Christmas 1

8.00am HC  Madron

9.30am FC  Heamoor

11.00am FC  Gulval

11.00am Mattins  Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron


January Services


Jan 7th    Epiphany

8.00am HC  Madron

9.30am Covenant Heamoor

11.00am Covenant Madron

11.00am HC Covenant Gulval

3.00pm Cornish Epiphany Carol Service Gulval

6.00pm EP  Madron


Jan 14th    Epiphany 2

8.00am  HC Gulval

9.30am HC Heamoor

11.00am FS  Gulval

11.00am HC  Madron

6.00pm   EP Madron


Jan 21st    Epiphany 3

8.00am HC Madron

9.30am HC Heamoor

10.00am FS  Heamoor

11.00am HS  Gulval

11.00am  HC Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron


Jan 28th   Epiphany 4

8.00am  HC  Gulval

9.30am  HC  Heamoor

11.00am Mattins  Gulval

11.00am HC   Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron


Anglican /Methodist Prayer meetings

The next meetings to pray for our six area churches, Anglican and Methodist, will be at St Thomas on Saturday 2nd December from 9.30am to 10am and then on Saturday January 6th at Gulval (venue tba)


Special events in December and January

Sunday 3rd 11.00am Madron Feast Service

preceded by procession from top of Fore St at 10.50am

Preacher – Rev Karsten Wedgwood (St Just and Pendeen)

Saturday 16th 4pm Gulval Christingle

Sunday 17th 6pm Gulval Carol Service

Wednesday 20th 1.30pm Madron School Christingle at church

6.30pm  Madron Village Carol Service, followed by


Thursday 21st 6.00pm  St Thomas 125th Anniversary Carol Service


Monday 18th January 10am Coffee Morning at the vicarage


Madron Feast week 2017

Sunday 3rd December

10.50am procession from Fore St to church (singing Feasting song)

11.0am Utd Feast Service at Parish Church

6.0pm Utd Feast Evening Service at chapel

Monday 4th December

11.0am Meet of the Western Hunt

11.0am – 1.30pm  Grand Feast Fayre in Landithy Hall (table tops available from Connie – £7.50)

7.30pm Feast Whist in Billiard Room

Tuesday 5th December

4.00pm (-6.00pm) Childrens Party

Wednesday 6th December

10.15am Charity Coffee Morning (chapel)

7.30pm Choir concert (variety) in church

Thursday 7th December

7.0pm Feast Bingo in Landithy Hall

Friday 8th December

7.30pm Quiz in the pub


Prayer Meetings

Every Tuesday from 7 to 7.30pm at St Thomas.


Midweek Holy Communion (no gaps over Christmas/New Year)

Wednesdays 10.30am Gulval

Wednesday 10.30am Madron Chapel

(1st Wed of month)

Thursdays 10.0am St Thomas



Joy WALLIS (86)

Joy lived a great deal of her life in Tredinnick, but was surprisingly born in Newport, Wales. She married her husband George at 18 and together they ran a very self-sufficient small-holding, and Joy got used to sharing her house with people waiting for the bus to town. She saw mains water put in and many other changes in rural life over her many years. She taught Sunday School in Trythall Church and was a member of the Trythall Guild, both now long passed into history. Joy was a good cook and had a passion for her garden. Her sense of humour lasted to the end. Our sympathies to Hilary and David and their families.

John FRIGGENS (71)

John lost his three year fight against leukaemia but lived a rich and varied life. He was married to Margaret for over forty five years and home and family life was extremely important to him. A Madron boy, of course, he left school to work initially on a farm and then at the nurseries with Shirley and Ervin Young , with whom he also played cricket in the village. He joined the Army and then later worked in Geevor till it closed. He worked for Western National for a while and also worked as school caretaker, a job where he could show off his DIY talents to the full; it was a dream job for him. Retirement found him on the golf course, Maintaining an outlet fro his love of sport . A man of fun and good humour, John was a gentle and easy-going man. The huge turnout at the funeral was a wonderful tribute to the man in itself and four tributes gave a wealth of memories from family and friend, Mick, whose army stories in Germany were particularly amusing. The warmth and humour in the tributes was also very much a reflection of John’s character. Our sympathies to Margaret and the boys as well to John’s brothers and sisters and their families.

Ian BROOKS (69)

Ian was a Heamoor boy and returned to his roots in the late 80s, to Holly Terrace and then Richmond Street. After leaving school he worked at the Old Success in Sennen in the kitchen and then pursue a career as a chef in British Railways hotels. In Moretonhampstead he met his wife Edna. They married in the mid 70s, but sadly she died some eighteen years ago from cancer. The Adelphi in Liverpool was a particular highlight of Ian’s life. He loved the city, cooked for royalty, politicians can celebrities as well as followed Liverpool FC, for whom he also cooked. They moved south after the loss of Edna’s parents. Ian then worked in the Queens for a number of years,. In retirement he went for long walks , watched cricket on a Saturday and latterly looked after his Mum, Doreen. Ian was also playing practical jokes and teasing. He was great fun to be with and made many lifelong friends, who will sorely miss him. Our particular sympathies to Doreen and to brother, Nick.

Vicar’s letter   

It gets harder to find Christmas cards with images from the Christmas story but we found a few with wise men and a star. Perhaps these images are seen as somehow more universal. A star could represent hope in any culture, not just a Christian one, and the Magi were wealthy enough to have colourful clothes to brighten up any mantelpiece. Actually the star is a very interesting detail in the Christmas story. Was it a star ? a comet ? a meteor shower ? It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that somehow those Magi were guided to an obscure town and an obscure outhouse and an obscure family with a rather special baby; more than that, to the Saviour of the World. The star is usually depicted as very large in the sky. It point up to heaven, a reminder that Christ is Light in the darkness, that he was, as Isaiah says, the Morning Star. The star also points down to earth, as if to point to his humanity and the target of his mission, you and me. The star also includes within it a cross, reminding us of his death at Easter and how his mission was to die so that we might be saved, not just taught or set an example.

May some innocent detail of our Christmas celebrations speak to you in a new way of Jesus , the centre of Christmas, and make it give you a faith-lift for the coming year. A Happy Christmas to you all. From Tim, Helen and all my colleagues, Anglican and Methodist.

Magazine Delivery in Gulval

It could be that you used to get your magazine from Gulval Post Office or you find it difficult to get to anywhere that stocks it, so we are giving you the opportunity of having it delivered to you if you live in Gulval (or maybe elsewhere). Please fill in the form below and send to Marj Jenkin or Lil Williams or drop into Gulval church in an envelope with a cheque for £6.00 for an annual subscription, made payable to ‘Madron PCC’.

For anyone who has not read one before and is unsure about it, free samples of recent magazines are available

Gulval Toilet opening

The new toilet (cistern chapel ?) will be officially opened by Christina de Vries and Tim after our Songs of Praise service at church on Sunday 10th December.