November  Services


Nov 11th   Remembrance/Gulval Feast

8.00am HC Gulval

9.30am HC Heamoor

10.50am Remembrance Service  Gulval (War memorial, then church at 11am)

10.50am Remembrance Service Madron (War memorial, then church at 11am)

4.00pm United Gulval Feast Service (no service at Madron at 6pm)

6.00pm  Scouts and Legion Parade Service  Heamoor


Nov 18th   2nd before Lent

8.00am HC Madron

9.30am HC Heamoor

10.00am FS  Heamoor

11.00am HC Gulval

11.00am  HC  Madron

6.00pm  EP  Madron


Nov 25th  Christ the King   

8.00am  HC  Gulval

9.30am  HC  Heamoor

11.00am Mattins  Gulval

11.00am HC  Madron

6.00pm EP  Madron



HC = Holy Communion
FS = Family Service
FC = Family Communion
EP = Evening Prayer (trad)