A school was established in Madron by the generosity of local man George Daniel in 1710. The three hundredth anniversary celebrations have just been held.

Madron School today is a small school with around 30  pupils. The view from the school field down to St Michael’s Mount is stupendous.

As the numbers are smaller, the degree of pastoral care offered to children, quite apart from the Christian ethos, results in excellent progress being made by those with special educational needs.

The school is also now catering for 2 year olds and has an excellent and also growing pre-school.

If you have a child and would like a prospectus or to visit the school, the headteacher is Mrs Hilary Tyreman  c/o Madron Daniel School, Madron, Penzance, Cornwall.

There is also a fine pre-school facility attached.

As from 29th January 2019, the school is now part of a federation with St Mary’s, Penzance CofE School. The head is shared, and there is one governing body, but both schools retain their separate character and independence.

Visit our school website on www.st-madderns.cornwall.sch.uk

Daily reflections are printed below but for full text and pictures, go to the school website.

Reflection week beginning Monday 29th June

Today we explored the value of Wisdom by reading the story of Jesus in the Temple.
We started by thinking about time when we had got lost. Most of us could remember a time, it was often in shops before lockdown, in places where we didn’t know. We thought about how we had got lost because someone had got absorbed in something and forgotten to check where everyone was.
We remembered how we felt – scared, worried and frightened.
We thought about how our parent might have felt – scared, worried frightened as well.

We then read the bible story of Jesus getting lost when he was 12. Mary and Joseph had taken Jesus to the big temple in Jerusalem. It was crowded, there were people talking, eating food and children making a noise. Mary and Joseph started the journey back to Nazareth. It was crowded, there were people talking, eating food and children making a noise. They thought Jesus was at the back of the crowd so when the realised he was not there they were worried.
Extremely worried. So, they walked back to Jerusalem to search for Jesus. Eventually after a few days of searching they found him! He was in the temple talking to the teachers. But not just talking asking lots of questions. The
teachers were so impressed they had been answering questions not thinking that Jesus was lost. When Mary his mother explained how worried she had been, Jesus said’ Why were you searching for me? Did you not know I was safe in my father’s house?’ At the time Mary and Joseph did not quite understand but they remembered the words and treasured them. And eventually she discovered what they meant when her wise boy grew up to be an even wiser

We reflected on the Wisdom in this story. We thought about how asking
questions can make us wise and how it is important to keep on asking questions
about things.
Ruby Lee said, ‘The greatest gift is not being afraid to ask
questions.’ I wonder if you can think of times when you might be afraid to ask a

Lord Jesus Christ,
Thank you for the power of questions:
their power to challenge our attitudes,
their power to make us think more deeply,
their power to help us reflect, and
their power to grow our understanding.
Give us the wisdom to ask good questions as
we look to you as our example and teacher. Amen

Reflection 1 – week beginning June 22nd

This week is a really special week in the school year. It is Golowan Festival week which always starts with a civic procession from St John’s Hall to St John’s Church. Children’s leaders from St Mary’s C of E School always take part in this procession. We walk with the mayor of Penzance and town dignitaries and the children take part in the service. This year we are missing this. This made me feel sad at the weekend.

So why do we have Golowan?
A little history
Golowan is a Cornish word meaning Feast of St John. Golowan celebrates the feasts of St John the Baptist (24th June). This time of year which is also the time of midsummer (21st June) was vigorously celebrated in Penzance until the mid 1880s. Many places in Europe have celebrations at this time of midsummer and the Feast of St John’s the Baptist marking the occasions with fires, dancing and singing. In Estonia, Jaaniõhtu – St John’s Eve – is marked today in many towns and villages with bonfires, singing and dancing. In Finland, for juhannus, bonfires are lit near lakes and the sea, and many homes place branches from birch trees either side of their doors to welcome visitors. Jāņi is celebrated in Latvia with great enthusiasm, incorporating fires, decorating houses with leaves, singing and dancing, In Bulgaria, fires are lit with daring barefoot dances on the hot coals. Some French towns still create tall bonfires that are lit on St John’s Day. There is a long list of places that mark midsummer and the Feast of St John the Baptist with fire and tradition, in which Golowan in Penzance plays its part.

But why do we celebrate Golowan in Penzance?
We celebrate Golowan, the Feast of St John in Penzance because the name Penzance is linked to the story of St John. Pen Sans was the original name for the town of Penzance. The name comes from the old Cornish language wherein ‘Pen’ meant point of land, or headland, and ‘Sans’ meant sacred or holy place to do with a church or religious site
Ok, but how does this link with John the Baptist? It links to John the Baptist due to a grisly pun linking Pensans ‘Holy Head’ with the ‘Holy Head’ of John the Baptist. The town corporation chose this image in 1614. It was used on Penzance coat of arms until 1934. It is still use on the seal of the town council and the chain of office worn by the mayor.

So who was John the Baptist? John the Baptist was born about the same time as Jesus. He was a prophet, someone who tells of the future of the scriptures. He lived simple life spending a lot of time in the desert thinking about God. He encouraged people to ask for forgiveness from God and repent their sins.
He said, “I baptise you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.”
One day Jesus came to the River Jordan to be baptised
John did not feel he was qualified to do such an important thing and he said,
“I need to be baptised by you.”
Jesus replied, “Let it be so now. It is proper for us to do this to fulfil all righteousness.”
John finally agreed and baptised Jesus.
As soon as Jesus was baptised, he came up out of the water.
As soon as Jesus was baptised, he came up out of the water. Suddenly, Heaven openedSuddenly, Heaven opened, , and he sawand he saw the Spirit of God the Spirit of God coming down like a dove. A voice from Heaven said,coming down like a dove. A voice from Heaven said,
“This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well
“This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”pleased.”
Jesus was baptised for a few reasons. He was confessing to sin on behalf of all the people, and by being baptised, he was setting an example to his followers.
John the Baptist was outspoken. When he thought things were wrong he said so. He was critical of King Herod marrying his brother’s wife. (this is NOT the same King Herod as the wise men met in the Christmas story). King Herod put him in prison. On his stepdaughter’s birthday King Herod promised his stepdaughter anything she wanted. She asked for the head of John the Baptist on a plate. As King Herod made this promise in front of so many people, he felt he had to keep it. John was beheaded.

This is one of 8 images of John the Baptist in Penzance. This is in Voundevour Lane. Can you find any more when you are out of a walk? Send them into school with the name of the street.
Although this story is the stuff of Horrible Histories, the messages of hope that John the Baptist gave are powerful. He gave people a message of hope, he told people about the coming of Messiah, about the coming of Jesus.

I wonder what message of Hope you would bring to Penzance today as we start to ‘unlock’ from Covid-19?
Can you make a dove from a paper plate or an origami dove and write you message of hope on this? Drop your doves into school in our Messages of Hope Box in reception area.

Dear God,
We thank you for the life of John the Baptist and his message of hope to all people.
As we emerge from lockdown, help us to be messengers of Hope in our communities.
Help us to make our school and Penzance a place of Hope.

Reflection 1   Week Beginning 15th June       Who is your neighbour?

This week we have been exploring the idea of Who is you neighbour?
When asked this question our thoughts turn to our physical neighbours, the people who live next to us, the people we are sitting next to even though we are 2m apart and remembering back to pre CoVID-19 days who we sat next to in class. But in the story of The Good Samaritan Jesus challenges this idea of seeing neighbours just as people who are next to you.
Can you remember the story?
You can read the story it in the bible in Luke 10:25-37

At the start of the story Jesus says, ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ and this is expanded at the end as Jesus adds.
‘Your neighbour is ANYONE who needs your help.
So, who in the world are your neighbours? How far can we spread this understanding of neighbours? Can you think of neighbours in different countries?

Father God
Even when it is difficult, give us the strength we need to:
Love our neighbours wherever in the world they are. And in so doing to follow the example of Jesus your son, who loved with an everlasting love and gave his life for the world

Daily Reflection    Wednesday 10th June

Today with Rev Sian we have continued with the theme of Empathy and stories can help us to be empathetic,
Can you remember what empathy is all about?
Empathy is our ability to understand another person and feel their emotions. It’s a force for change because it makes us want to help people.

We read ‘The Shepherd Boy’ by Kim Lewis
In the story James’ dad is a shepherd. James spends a year getting to know what you need to do to keep sheep safe throughout the year. By watching, listening and being alongside his dad he learns the pattern of the year and the different jobs that need doing at different times of year to care for the sheep. James learns to be empathetic with the sheep.
You can watch and listen to the story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8y3EKdLD80
Can you work out what James needed to do in each season to look after the sheep?

Dear God,
Thank you for giving us empathy that helps us think about the needs of others. As James learnt to look after sheep, help us to listen and watch and learn to look after each other.
Can you work out how who is showing empathy in these stories?
How are these stories helping us to be empathetic?
Dear God,
Thank you for the life of Jesus.
Thank you for the bible and the example of Jesus to follow to help us understand and act on

Together we can make a difference

Daily Reflection    Tuesday 9th June    What is empathy?

Empathy is our ability to understand another person and feel their emotions. It’s a force for change because it makes us want to help people.
Empathy Day helps us understand each other better by using books to step into someone else’s shoes. When you read, your brain reacts as it would to real life events. This makes books the prefect empathy boasting vehicle. Train your brain with stories!

Try looking at these to help you think about Empathy:
Elmer’s birthday

For children in class 3-6 have look at

KS2 RESOURCE PACK – Empathy Day 2019

Also look at https://www.empathylab.uk/ for lots of other resources and activities.
In school we looked at Elmer’s birthday. Take a look at Elmer’s birthday and see if you can work out how Elmer is feeling on each page. How would you react to everyone forgetting your birthday?

We also thought about stories in the bible where Jesus shows empathy.
Do you know these stories?
Can you work out how who is showing empathy in these stories?
How are these stories helping us to be empathetic?
Today train your brain with some reading to develop a deeper understanding of EMPATHY.

Dear God,
Thank you for the life of Jesus.
Thank you for the bible and the example of Jesus to follow to help us understand and act on

Together we can make a difference

Daily Reflection    Monday 8th June      World Oceans Day

Today is World Oceans Day. From both schools we can see the ocean every day!
We are thinking about our oceans and the vital part they play in our lives.
Can you think of why oceans are important?
I wonder what was on your list?
Fishing, swimming, paddling, diving, jumping over waves, fish, sea animal and plants?
Did you think about the other things the ocean does for us?

Have a look at this film to help

The World Ocean Day for Schools Film

What have you added to your list?
Weather, ALL the water (think about that where do all rivers end up?), clean air.
Oceans are VITAL to our life on this planet.
We need to care for the ocean and make sure that we are ALL looking after this AMAZING

In school we are trying to do our bit. We have taken part in beach cleans and have raised
awareness through recycling and our involvement with Surfers Against Sewage.

As you know in Cornwall the ocean is home to grey seals. During the CoVID -19 pandemic
grey seals have been seen more often around our coasts.
Seals spend their time in the water where they are graceful swimmers but also ‘haul’
themselves onto land. In quiet rocky places you can see them basking in the sunshine.
During Spring time, grey seals will moult their fur. They do this while sitting on the rocks.
They are well camouflaged against the grey rocks.
It is REALLY important to be VERY quiet when you spot a seal on the rocks.
If they are disturbed then they will panic and try to get back into the sea. If their moulting is
interrupted this can shorten their life span and also if a seal is scared and panics, then they
can throw themselves off the rocks causing injury as they struggle to get back into the
So SHHHHHHHHH when you see seals.
Can you find out more about grey seals in Cornwall?
Can you find out more about the oceans around us?
Can you make a poster about the things the ocean does? Please email these to your
Can you go for a beach clean? (remember to wear gloves and check with adult before you
pick anything up)?

Dear God,
Thank you for the oceans teaming with amazing sea life..
Help us to respect and look after the oceans and protect your beautiful world,

Daily Reflection      Friday 5th June     Celebration Assembly

Throughout lockdown in school we have kept our weekly celebration assembly. This is an assembly the children enjoy as they eagerly await the star of week awards, Golden Token awards or awards for music and sporting achievement. When asked about this assembly the children also said they enjoy celebrating the achievement of others. At Madron we always ask the staff and children for their WOW moment in learning and the children often say what they have seen other children doing.

At St Mary’s today we have had two celebration assemblies, one with our Year 6 bubble and one with our key worker group. To help with social distancing year 6 with Miss Knuckey have named their groups after animals that are about 2m long. So we have llama group and a kangaroo group!
Did you know that Llamas can grow to about 1.8 metres tall?
Did you know kangaroos can grow up to 3m?
How many animals can you find that can grow to at least 1.8 metres?
Kangaroo Group were at school today and have received awards for being courageous and careful kangaroos, coming back to school and behaving responsibly within the new school environment.

Children and teachers have nominated each other for awards this week.
Who would you say thank you to?
What would you say thank you for?

Dear God,
We thank you for the time together this week.
We thank you for laughter with those around us.
We thank you for those who care for us.
Always help us to be generous to each other, AMEN

Daily Reflection      Thursday 4th June     The long road to recovery

This week we have started welcoming back children to school. We have started cautiously with two small groups of Year 6 in. As we come back together as a community what do we choose to focus on? Although we are together in one building we cannot meet together for assemblies yet. But do share our daily act of worship with ALL our community.

Today we stopped to think about the times we have been living through.
What has it been like for each of us?
What have we missed and are still missing?
What things are there to celebrate in this time and feel grateful for?
What are the things you feel thankful for?

During lockdown at school we have often made lists of things to feel thankful for and every morning we begin our worship with the words
‘The night has passed, and the day lies open before us’
We then ask the children to say what we are thankful for.
We say this line three times.
What are you thankful for today?
Having a moment to reflect in this way seems the wise thing to do and we start the feeling grateful for all the gifts in our precious world.

Let’s be thankful for those around us, supporting us and if you can’t hug them then make a heart with your hands to show that in this time, love and support towards all will help us through

Daily Reflection    Wednesday 3rd June

Today, as the Year 6 children have been talking about the troubles in America, we looked the wisdom needed in being a peacemaker.
We thought about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit inspiring the disciples to go and tell about the teachings of Jesus.
We read the Beatitudes, these two sentences seemed to link with current events.

Blessed are those who long for a world without injustice,
for God will answer their prayers.
Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God.
We acted out situations (with social distancing) to look at how, when small things go wrong between people, you can use wisdom to solve problems making sure that what you do doesn’t make things worse.

The children listed these qualities in wise peacemakers:
You need to:


Be empathetic

Be ready to understand things

Be prepared to admit when things have gone wrong

Know that things can get misunderstood

Be forgiving

So today we say a pray for wise peacemaking in our homes and in the world.

Dear God,
We thank you for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Help us to act wisely and bring about pathways to peace in all situations.

Daily Reflection    Tuesday 2nd June    Pentecost

What is Pentecost? Let’s just go back……
Good Friday Easter Sunday
The Road to Emmaus, one of the events after the resurrection when Jesus is with his people again
Ascension Day
Ascension Day is 40 days after Easter and it marks Jesus ascending into heaven.

Pentecost is 10 days after Ascension Day – this year that was on Sunday 31st May.
It marks the time when Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit comes to the disciples.
For the bible reading and activities to do based on this painting by Edgardo Da Guzman please see the
Journey to Pentecost resource. Try creating a word in this style and colouring it in. You could use Joy, Love,
or Peace.

Which words would you choose to describe the sense of movement in this picture?
Which words would you choose to describe the types of colours in the picture?)
Which words would you choose to express the emotion in the picture?

The gift of the Holy Spirit inspired the disciples to go out into the world and tell everyone about of Jesus
and live to their lives true to his everlasting principles of love, truth, courage, peace, and joy.

Holy Spirit of God,
Just as you filled the disciples on the day of Pentecost
Fill us we pray, with your life and love,
your wisdom, your power, your courage and your joy.