Service Times: Sundays at 9:30am Family Service (1st Sunday of the month),  Holy Communion (2nd and 4th Sundays of the month) , Morning Worship (3rd Sunday)  .


We are open again now, but social distancing still applies and face masks must be worn unless you re exempt by reason of age (under 11), physical or mental health. A guide to how our services will operate until further notice, following a risk assessment, cane be found at the bottom of this page. The Thursday 10am Holy Communion has resumed too. 

We also have a new FACEBOOK page for Madron, Heamoor and Gulval churches.

** Giving to the church. If you wish to give to the church, please use our giving page.

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St Thomas account is shared with Madron’s, but please email if you wish to give specifically to St Thomas.

Child-friendly Services

Family Service at 10am on the third Sunday of the month (only half an hour) , plus particularly child-friendly occasions to be found on the relevant web page (see Services)

Opening Times: St Thomas is sadly only open during service times.

Parking. Unfortunately we have no car park and therefore parking is along adjacent roads. Parking along Rock Terrace or on the south side of the church at least affords level access. We have one small step to gain access on foot to the church on both west and south sides.

Building and other Projects: 2020 update At St Thomas’ we have done a great deal of work on the church in recent years. The stonework on the west window has recently been repaired ad now we are turning our attention to repainting external woodwork (forest green) and sections of the inside, where there had been a damp problem and it now just needs a repaint. A new heating system for the kitchen in still in preparation, as is a tidying of our garden areas, which has now begun.

Hall bookings

St Thomas charges £10 per session only (morning, afternoon or evening) for use of its adjoining hall. This includes heating. Sadly we do not do one-off bookings/parties etc. as we have no caretaker, but regular bookings will be most welcome

At present we have space for regular hire on Mondays, Wednesday morning and afternoon, Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, Friday morning and afternoon

For info or guided tour of facilities, contact Caroline Somers on 369123 or or enquire via the email address given on the home page. When enquiring, make it clear you are asking about St Thomas. (I get enquiries about Gulval and Madron, which are not my province)

Social events have been uploaded for 2020

Risk assessment   Madron, Heamoor, Gulval churches      Updated 20/9/20

1) Face masks are to be worn before entering the church, during the service and on leaving. The exceptions are (a) the service leader or lesson reader (b) under 11s (c) those with breathing difficulties (d) those who may be distressed.

2) Arrival. Be careful to arrive at a social distance through the main door, where you can sanitise and collect your hymn books inside on the table. Do not bunch around the door or the table.

3) Hand sanitiser will be on the table at the back. Please use on entry and do not touch anything unnecessarily except your pew.

4) Services will take place in zones – 11am in the main body of the church ONLY and 6pm (Madron) in the choir stalls. (8ams in side chapel at Madron and choir stalls at Gulval).

5) Sit at 2metres from the next worshipper, in any direction, unless you live together. A maximum of six can arrive, sit or leave together. This determines the capacity of the church, which we estimate to be around 50 Madron), 35 (Heamoor) and 45 (Gulval).

6) Both doors will be open for ventilation – unless it is really cold or wet – no touching of door handles, please.

7) You are encouraged to bring your own Bibles and prayer books.

8) No collection bags will be passed around , a plate at the back to be brought up during the service.

9) No singing. An organist can play hymn tunes or other music as long as we only say hymn words.

10) There is no passing the peace or other physical contact between those present.

11) The toilets will not be available ( CofE guidelines are to keep toilets open, but the cleaning and other instructions are so involved, it’s best to leave it for now).

12) For track and trace purposes attenders names (& contact details) will be recorded.

13) Communion is by wafer only. A one way system to receive will be in place. No queues.


Rev Tim Hawkins on behalf of Madron and Gulval PCCs